3) Can I travel with a broken arm or leg?

If you've had a plaster cast fitted less than 48 hours before you're due to fly, your doctor will need to split the cast. It'll usually be split in two and supported with more bandages. This is to allow for any more swelling. You'll also need to bring a fitness to fly letter. 
If your plaster cast was fitted outside of 48 hours, you won't need a fitness to fly letter. That said, we'd recommend you speak to your doctor about any extra precautions you need to take whilst you're away. 

If you're unable to bend your leg:
If you have full leg plaster, a fused knee or you can't bend your leg, you'll need to book 2 extra seats so you can sit sideways during the flight. Please call our Special Assistance Team on 01 6056500 and we'll arrange this for you. You'll need a fitness to fly letter too. 

Calls from ROI landlines cost the standard rate, but calls from mobiles may be higher. Please check with your provider.