2) Can I use personal electronic devices on the flight?

Personal Electronic Devices
You can use things like MP3 players, e-books, smartphones, and other handheld personal electronic devices at any time during your flight, unless you’re told otherwise by the crew - as long as they're switched to ‘Flight Safe Mode’ or 'Airplane Mode’. That said, please make sure you listen carefully to the safety briefing by the cabin crew.
If you're carrying larger devices like laptops and larger tablets, you'll be able to use them during the flight, but they'll need to be switched off for take-off and landing and stowed away. You'll need to take these items out of your hand luggage before you get to the security search point. This is because they'll need extra screening.
If any of your electronic devices can't be switched to 'Flight Safe or 'Airplane Mode', they'll need to be switched off completely throughout the flight.

Electronic cigarettes
You're not allowed to use electronic cigarettes on the plane at all, although they can be carried in hand luggage.

Can I bring my own seatbelt to use on the plane?
No - you can only use seatbelts supplied in the aircraft. This is due to regulatory requirements.