2) Do I have to do anything to prepare for travel with my wheelchair or mobility aid?

To make your journey as smooth as possible please read the following information.

The information you declare when pre-booking your Electric mobility aid will be checked at the airport and acceptance will only take place once this has been verified.  If any information provided is inaccurate this could lead to the item being refused on safety grounds.

If your Electric Mobility Aid requires any supplementary equipment to inhibit the battery or make it safe for carriage then you must provided this. This includes any battery pouches for storage or electrical tape to insulate the battery terminals or.
You must report to the check-in desk and declare your Electric Mobility Aid to the check-in agent prior to proceeding through security. If your Electric Mobility Aid is packed in a case or a bag which makes it difficult to identify it MUST be declared at the check-in desk.
If you have been advised that your Electric Mobility Aid is too high to be hold loaded in the upright position, please ensure it is collapsed before loading.
If you are using your Electric Mobility Aid to the boarding gate, then please ensure that you arrive at the gate as soon as it opens. This allows us to carry out the safety checks in good time. Late arrival of the Electric Mobility Aid could cause a flight delay.
Please carry your manufacturer's user guide to assist you and airport staff to inhibit the electrical circuits of the vehicle and remove the battery if necessary.
If the declared Electric Mobility Aid type or your flight plans change please contact us immediately.

If you have declared your Mobility Aid is operated by Lithium, Dry Cell or Wet Cell Battery, the industry standard conditions of carriage can be viewed in the link below. 

Please click here to access the TUI Airways - Conditions of Carriage for Electric Mobility Aids