3) How do I add a holiday voucher to my booking?

Please see the back of your voucher to see details of where you can add it to your booking.

If you've booked your holiday online, you'll need to send the holiday voucher to us at:

TUI Holidays, Victoria House, 4-6 Haddington Road, Dublin, D04 K7H2, Ireland.

The same applies if you've got a compensation voucher from our After Travel Customer Support team, as long as it's still valid.

If you've booked in one of our travel shops or you've booked a cruise, then they'll need to send the voucher to us at the following address:

Travel Accounting
Wigmore House
Wigmore Lane

Please include your booking reference and contact details. 

Just so you know, you can't add vouchers if you're travelling within 2 weeks of departure, regardless of the conditions on the back of the voucher.