5) How do I cancel my excursion booking?

Online bookings
If you booked your excursion online and your excursion reference number starts with EXC, please contact our Excursions Team to cancel your booking. If your excursion reference number is made up of numbers only, you can cancel it yourself online using the My Booking option, as long as the excursion is outside 48 hours away. 

If it's less than 48 hours before your excursion, you'll need to contact our Excursions Team to cancel your booking.

Bookings in resort
If you booked your excursion in resort, please speak to your Holiday Advisor or the 24/7 Holidayline to cancel your booking. 

Just so you know, you might need to pay a charge if you cancel your excursion. The amount you'll need to pay depends on the terms and conditions of the excursion supplier. You'll see cancellation charge information when you get to the shopping cart point of the bookiing process.