7) How do I provide my API details?

TUI flights
Visit our secure API website to enter your details. You'll need to log in using your booking reference number, the surname of the lead passenger and your departure date, all of which you'll find on your booking confirmation or invoice.

If online check-in is open for your flight when you enter your API information you'll need to complete online check-in at the same time.

Just so you know - If you've chosen Select Your Seat, Seats with Extra Space, Seats with Extra Legroom or Premium seats, online check-in opens 14 days before your outward flight.  If not, you can check-in online from seven days before.

Flights with other airlines
If you're flying with another airline, please follow the instructions on your e-ticket. If the airline you're flying with offers online checkin, you'll be directed to their website. Just so you know, you'll need to have the surname of the lead passenger and the 6 character flight reference number to hand.

If you're not sure who you're flying with, take a look at "Which airline am I flying with?"