1. Are children and babies allowed in the pools onboard a Marella Cruise?

  2. Is there a dress code onboard my Marella Cruise?

  3. Are there tea and coffee making facilities in the cabins?

  4. Do you hold card tournaments in the onboard casinos?

  5. What time does the All Inclusive start and end on a Marella Cruise?

  6. Can we guarantee an early/late sitting on formal night?

  7. Is Wi-Fi available onboard my Marella Cruise?

  8. How much does it cost to make a call from a Marella Cruise ship?

  9. How big are the cabins onboard the Marella Cruise ships?

  10. Can I withdraw cash with my account card?

  11. What currency is used onboard a Marella Cruise?

  12. Which cabins on a Marella Cruise ship have baths?

  13. Can I take a travel iron on a Marella Cruise ship?

  14. How much are drinks onboard Marella Cruises?

  15. What draught beers do you offer onboard a Marella Cruise?

  16. What are the options for settling my onboard account?

  17. Are pool towels provided on the Marella Cruise ships?

  18. What is the charge for a safety deposit box onboard?

  19. What's included in the Celebrate in Style package?

  20. Can I jog onboard a Marella Cruise ship apart from in the gym?

  21. Are there baby changing facilities onboard the Marella Cruise ships?

  22. What's the cost of a Celebration of Vows package?

  23. What's included in the Celebration of Vows?

  24. How old do I need to be to use the Marella Cruise ship facilities like the spa, gym, casino, disco and bars?

  25. When can I buy duty free goods onboard the cruise ship?

  26. Can I smoke onboard my Marella Cruise?

  27. Can I take electrical items onboard a Marella Cruise ship?

  28. Is there a currency exchange onboard my Marella Cruise ship?

  29. What's the check-out time on my Marella Cruise?

  30. How old do I need to be to go on a Marella Cruise shore excursion or leave the ship on my own?

  31. Will there be ballroom and latin dancing opportunities onboard?

  32. Can I take a Brompton bike onboard a Marella Cruise for use ashore?

14) How much are drinks onboard Marella Cruises?

Our ships are All Inclusive as standard. Some of the drinks included in this offering are:
- Selected draught beer and cider                                                                                           
- Selected wine by the glass                                                                                                     
- Spirits and aperitifs, including lots of big brands                                                                      
- A range of cocktails, from Long Island Iced Tea to Pimm's and lemonade                                  
- Selected soft drinks by the glass, including mocktails and fruit juice                                         

Some of our premium drinks will carry a charge and should you order a drink from the premium section then you will be charged to your onboard account. You can upgrade to the Premium drinks package at the time of booking your holiday for 8 euros per person per night or when you get onboard. 
Upgrade to our premium drinks package and you'll get all the drinks from our standard all inclusive package as well as the following extras...    
- Upgraded cocktails, such as mojitos and Champagne cocktails                                                       
- Premium gins, vodkas, rums and tequillas, including Bombay Sapphire, and Absolut Vodka       
- More choice of whiskies, brandies and Cognacs                                                                                         
- Cans of soft drink                                                                                                                    
- 1.5 litre bottle of water, per cabin per day                                                                               
- All drinks from The Coffee Port, after 10am, which are made with premium Lavazza coffee