16) I've checked-in online from my smartphone. How do I save or print my boarding passes?

You'll find your boarding passes at the bottom of the check-in confirmation email that we send you once you've checked in online from your smartphone.
If mobile boarding passes are available on your route, you'll receive these as well as a printable PDF. When you get to the airport, you can either show your mobile boarding passes, or a printout of the PDF. That said, mobile boarding passes aren't available on all routes - if they're not available, you'll need to print the PDF.
Printable boarding passes
You'll find these in the PDF attachment that we'll email to you. The attachment can be printed, copied or emailed. You'll need to print off the boarding passes and take them with you when you travel. You'll need to print each boarding pass clearly on an individual piece of A4 paper. 

Mobile boarding passes
You'll see these as 'pkpass' files - there'll be a separate file for each passenger and each flight. Tap one of the files to open the boarding pass, and select to 'add all'. Doing this will save all your mobile boarding passes to your phone.
If you have any problems saving or printing boarding passes from your smartphone, you can print them by visiting our Flight Extras website from your desktop or laptop.