1. Are children and babies allowed in the pools onboard?

  2. Is there a dress code onboard?

  3. Are there tea and coffee making facilities in the cabins?

  4. Do you hold card tournaments in the onboard casinos?

  5. What time does the drinks package start and end?

  6. Can we guarantee an early/late sitting on formal night?

  7. Is Wi-Fi available onboard?

  8. How much does it cost to make a call from the ship?

  9. How big are the cabins?

  10. Can I withdraw cash with my account card?

  11. How big are the balconies on the ships?

  12. What currency is used onboard?

  13. Which cabins have baths?

  14. Can I take a travel iron on the ship?

  15. How much are drinks onboard?

  16. What draught beers do you offer onboard?

  17. What are the options for settling my onboard account?

  18. Are pool towels provided on the ship?

  19. What is the charge for a safety deposit box onboard?

  20. What's included in the Celebrate in Style package?

  21. Can I jog onboard apart from in the gym?

  22. Are there baby changing facilities onboard the cruise ships?

  23. What's the cost of a Celebration of Vows package?

  24. What's included in the Celebration of Vows?

  25. How old do I need to be to use cruise ship facilities like the spa, gym, casino, disco and bars?

  26. When can I buy duty free goods onboard the cruise ship?

  27. Can I smoke onboard?

  28. Can I take electrical items onboard the cruise ship?

  29. Is there a currency exchange onboard?

  30. What's the check-out time on my cruise?

  31. How old do I need to be to go on a shore excursion or leave the ship on my own?

  32. Will there be ballroom and latin dancing opportunities onboard?

  33. What's the dress code for the formal night?

  34. What's the age range for the Kids' Club onboard our cruise?

  35. Do you offer a babysitting service onboard our Cruise?

  36. Do all the ships have a hair salon onboard?

  37. What are the Kids' Club hours onboard our Cruise?

  38. Can I take a Brompton bike onboard for use ashore?

  39. Can I use a USB stick in the onboard computers?

2) Is there a dress code onboard?

Our dress code policy’s easily broken down into Beachwear, Casual and Smart.

Beachwear is a ‘come as you are’ affair, so bikinis and trunks get the thumbs up, plus we ask that you wear something on your feet for safety reasons.
Casual speaks for itself – we’re talking tops and shorts or a sundress. Sandals and flip-flops are allowed.
Smart is a chance for everyone to dress up. Men will need to wear long trousers, a shirt or polo shirt, and closed shoes. If you’re onboard Marella Discovery, Marella Discovery 2 or Marella Explorer, you can swap long trousers for smart, tailored shorts. If you want to add a jacket or tie, that’s up to you.

Each of our restaurants has a Beachwear, Casual or Smart dress code, and this can differ depending on the time of day, but we’ll always let you know onboard through our daily Cruise News. If you’d like to know before your holiday, we've listed which dress code applies to which restaurant: 

Marella Explorer
Beachwear: Snack Shack - all day
Casual: The Mediterranean - all day, The Market Place - all day, Vista - breakfast and lunch only, Latitude 53  - breakfast and lunch only
Smart: Vista - evenings only, Latitude 53 - evenings only, The Dining Club, Umi Sushi, Kora La, Surf & Turf
Marella Discovery & Marella Discovery 2:
Beachwear: Snack Shack - all day, Glass House - lunch only
Casual: Islands - all day, Glass House - late night buffet only, 47° - breakfast and lunch only
Smart: 47° - evening only, Gallery 47°, Glass House - evening only, Kora La, Surf & Turf.

Marella Celebration
Beachwear: Terrace Grill - breakfast & lunch only
Casual: Lido - all day, Meridian - breakfast and lunch only, Terrace Grill/Hot Stone - evening only
Smart: Meridian - evening only, Kora La, Mistral’s.

Marella Dream
Beachwear: Terrace Grill - breakfast & lunch only
Casual: Lido - all day, Sirens - all day, Orion - breakfast and lunch only, Terrace Grill/Hot Stone - evening only
Smart: Orion - evening only, Kora La, Mistral’s.

Our gala evenings onboard Marella Celebration and Marella Dream are all about getting suited and booted. Men don their tuxes or suit and ties, while ladies put on their best cocktail dresses.
On Marella Discovery, Marella Discovery 2 and Marella Explorer, our Dress to Impress nights are also a great chance to get dressed up, but how dressy you go is completely up to you.