1) One of the TUI products I hope to purchase/ have purchased is noted as "generally suitable" or "not generally suitable" for persons with reduced mobility - What does this mean?

"General Suitability" is a term used to give a high-level overview of the accessibility status of travel products, and TUI is bound by law as a Package Organiser to provide you with this information.
There is no legal or industry definition of what "general suitability" means, and each of our travel products and customers are different. With that in mind, here at TUI, we have developed our own set of criteria that define "general suitability" for each travel product. These have been created in line with feedback from customers, colleagues and industry experts. TUI attempts to reflect the accessibility of each travel product individually, taking into consideration the wide range of access needs our customers may have.
The below link outlines TUI's definition of "general suitability" by travel product. TUI is always working to expand the range of "generally suitable" products available to customers.
We strongly recommend speaking to our specialist Special Assistance Team if you have any queries or concerns about the accessibility, or general suitability, of a product offered by TUI. Our team will be able to expand on the definition and request some more information from you, or from our suppliers, if needed to service your needs. 

Please click here to access the TUI General Suitability - Customer Information