15) What do I do if I get technical difficulties while I'm booking?

If your computer crashes or you see a message saying 'We are currently experiencing technical difficulties' at any point after you've entered your payment details, please contact us and we'll check whether or not the booking has been made. Please don't enter your payment information more than once.

Problems accessing the website
If you're having problems accessing the website, we'd suggest you try the following:
- Check cookies are enabled - We recommend that cookies are enabled to get the most out of the features on the TUI website
- Try deleting your internet browser history. You could also clear your cache
- Download the latest version of the web browser - if you're using an out-of-date version, if could cause problems. Just so you know,TUI can't be held liable for any software you download to your computer.

If you've tried all these checks and still can't access the website, please contact us.