18) What is my luggage allowance for sport or diving equipment?

We happily take on board different sports equipment, such as bikes, golf clubs and fishing rods. In order to book these, please go to the Flight Extras page or you can give us a call on 1850 946 164. We recommend that you book this as soon as possible as space on each flight is very limited. 
Please be aware that if you bring sports equipment that hasn't been booked, we may be unable to board it and will also be subject to excess baggage charges at the airport.

Below, you'll find the price per one way flight for different equipment types:
- Diving & scuba equipment from £30
- Bikes from £30
- Fishing rods from £20
- Skis from £28
- Golf clubs & other equipment from £27

Just so you know, prices may vary depending on your destination.

Protecting your Sports Equipment
We recommend that you insure your sports equipment for its replacement value and make sure it's securely packed with zip compartments padlocked. If you're taking a bicycle, we recommend you use a bicycle bag. Handlebars must be turned inwards, pedals removed, tyres deflated and the bicycle must be wrapped in plastic or cardboard.

Diving Equipment and Licenses
If you're travelling with TUI, carrying diving equipment and you show your diving certificate at check-in, we'll give you an extra 5kg luggage allowance free. If you've got more equipment, you can check it in for an extra charge.