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The Best Time to Visit Rethymnon is Between May and September

Rethymnon, a charming coastal town nestled on the beautiful island of Crete, offers a delightful retreat no matter the time of year. However, for those seeking the perfect balance of warm weather, vibrant atmosphere, and plentiful activities, the best time to visit Rethymnon is between the months of May and September.

Sunshine and Rainfall

During the summer months of May to September, Rethymnon experiences an abundance of sunshine, with clear skies and long, sunny days. Average temperatures range from a pleasant 25°C (77°F) in May to a sizzling 32°C (90°F) in August, providing the ideal conditions for exploring the town’s historic sites, indulging in outdoor activities, or simply basking under the glorious Cretan sun.

Rethymnon enjoys a Mediterranean climate, meaning rainfall is generally low during the months of May to September. Showers are infrequent and brief, allowing you to make the most of your visit without the worry of inclement weather.

Best Time to Be on the Beach

Rethymnon boasts a stunning coastline adorned with beautiful sandy beaches, making it a paradise for beach lovers. Between May and September, the sea temperatures gradually rise to their warmest, reaching a delightful 26°C (79°F) by August. This is the ideal time to take a refreshing dip or engage in thrilling water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, or jet skiing.

Whether you prefer the lively beaches closer to the center of town or the quieter ones found further along the coast, Rethymnon offers a diverse range of beaches to suit every preference. Relax on sun loungers while enjoying a cocktail at the beachside bars or immerse yourself in the crystalline waters – the choice is yours!

So, pack your sunscreen, swimwear, and sense of adventure, and come experience the best of Rethymnon between May and September. With its idyllic weather, captivating sights, and inviting beaches, this enchanting town promises an unforgettable holiday for all.


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