Weather in Slovenia in January

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1° C



19 mm

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44 %



75 %


What’s the weather like in Slovenia in January?

January is typically the coldest month in Slovenia, with winter in full swing. The country experiences cold temperatures, especially in the higher altitudes. It is also a month that sees a fair amount of precipitation, with snowfall being a common occurrence throughout the country.

Average daily temperatures

The average daily temperatures in January vary across different regions of Slovenia. In the coastal areas, such as Koper and Piran, temperatures tend to be slightly milder, ranging from lows of around 3°C (37°F) to highs of about 10°C (50°F). However, in the mountainous regions, such as the Julian Alps, daily temperatures can drop significantly below freezing, with lows of around -6°C (21°F) and highs barely reaching 0°C (32°F).

Sunshine and rainfall

January in Slovenia is generally quite cloudy with limited sunshine. The coastal areas receive slightly more sunshine hours compared to the rest of the country, averaging around 4 hours per day. However, the mountainous regions may only see a few hours or even minutes of sunshine throughout the month. Rainfall is common in January, with the coastal areas receiving around 110mm of precipitation and the mountainous regions receiving even more. Snowfall is also common, especially in higher altitudes, making it a great month for winter sports enthusiasts.

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