Weather in Costa Blanca in October

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21° C



11 mm

per month


61 %



74 %


What’s the weather like in Costa Blanca in October?

October marks the transition from summer to autumn in Costa Blanca, Spain. The weather in October is generally mild and pleasant, making it a popular time for tourists to visit. However, it is important to note that the weather can vary from year to year, so it is always a good idea to check the forecast before planning your trip.

Average daily temperatures

In October, the average daily temperature in Costa Blanca ranges from 13°C (55°F) to 23°C (73°F). Although the temperatures begin to cool down compared to the summer months, it is still warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities. However, it is advisable to bring some warmer layers for the evenings, as temperatures can drop significantly.

Sunshine and rainfall

Costa Blanca enjoys plenty of sunshine in October, with an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day. This provides ample opportunities for beach trips and exploring the beautiful coastal towns. However, it is worth noting that October is also one of the wetter months in the region, with an average of 45mm of rainfall spread across the month. Although rain showers are not as frequent as in the winter months, it is still advisable to pack a light raincoat or umbrella just in case.

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