Weather in Fuengirola in September

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24° C



7 mm

per month


67 %



62 %


What’s the weather like in Fuengirola in September?

Fuengirola, a popular tourist destination located on the coast of Costa del Sol in Spain, experiences warm and pleasant weather in September. This month signals the end of the summer season, resulting in a slight decrease in temperatures compared to the previous months. However, visitors can still expect plenty of sunshine and enjoyable beach days.

Average daily temperatures

In September, the average daily temperature in Fuengirola ranges from 20 to 28 degrees Celsius (68 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit). Mornings and evenings tend to be cooler, with temperatures dropping to around 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit). During the day, temperatures rise to their peak, reaching a comfortable 26 to 28 degrees Celsius (79 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit). These warm temperatures create an ideal environment for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Sunshine and rainfall

September in Fuengirola is characterized by plenty of sunshine and minimal rainfall. Visitors can expect an average of 10 hours of sunshine per day, providing ample opportunity to soak up the sun at the beach or explore the charming streets of the town. The chances of rainfall decrease significantly during this month, with an average precipitation of only 15 millimeters (0.6 inches) spread across five days. Despite the low chance of rain, it is advisable to carry a light raincoat or umbrella, just in case.

Overall, September offers fantastic weather conditions in Fuengirola, with warm temperatures, abundant sunshine, and minimal rainfall. It is an excellent time to visit this coastal town and make the most of its beautiful beaches and outdoor attractions.

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