Weather in Puerto Banus in December

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14° C



20 mm

per month


58 %



74 %


What’s the weather like in Puerto Banus in December?

In December, Puerto Banus experiences mild winters with average temperatures ranging from 9°C (48°F) to 17°C (63°F). The daily weather can vary between sunny and cloudy days. It is important to note that while the weather is generally pleasant in December, occasional rainfall and cooler evenings are possible, so it is advisable to pack some warmer clothing and a light jacket.

Average daily temperatures

The average daily temperatures in Puerto Banus in December range from 9°C (48°F) to 17°C (63°F). During the day, temperatures typically hover around 15°C (59°F) providing comfortable conditions for outdoor activities. However, it is wise to layer up as evenings can be cooler, with temperatures dropping to around 9°C (48°F). It is always a good idea to check the local weather forecast before planning your daily activities.

Sunshine and rainfall

In December, Puerto Banus experiences an average of 6 hours of sunshine per day. While it is not as sunny as the summer months, there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities and exploring the beautiful surroundings. However, it is important to be prepared for some rain, as December is one of the wetter months in Puerto Banus. On average, there are around 8 rainy days in December, with a total precipitation of approximately 70mm. It is advisable to carry an umbrella or raincoat to stay dry during occasional showers.

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