Weather in Santa Eulalia in February

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12° C



5 mm

per month


53 %



70 %


What’s the weather like in Santa Eulalia in February?

February in Santa Eulalia, a charming town located on the eastern coast of Ibiza, experiences mild winter weather with cool temperatures and occasional rainfall. Although it is still winter, the climate is much milder compared to other parts of Europe, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a sunny getaway.

Average daily temperatures

In February, the average daily temperature in Santa Eulalia ranges from around 10°C (50°F) to 16°C (61°F). The daytime temperatures are usually pleasant, reaching the mid-teens, but the evenings and nights can be cooler, dropping to single digits. It is advisable to pack layered clothing to stay comfortable throughout the day, especially during the cooler hours.

Sunshine and rainfall

In terms of sunshine, February provides an average of 6 hours of sunshine per day. Although it may not be as sunny as the summer months, there are still plenty of bright and clear days to enjoy outdoor activities or explore the town and its surroundings. However, it is worth noting that there can be occasional cloudy and overcast days, as well as some rainfall.

February in Santa Eulalia sees an average of 6 rainy days, with a total rainfall of about 40mm (1.6 inches). While the rainfall is generally moderate, it is a good idea to bring a light rain jacket or an umbrella to be prepared for any showers that may occur. The rain showers are usually short-lived and quickly followed by clearing skies.

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