Weather in Las Caletillas in March

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15° C



20 mm

per month


59 %



63 %


What’s the weather like in Las Caletillas in March?

In March, Las Caletillas experiences mild and pleasant weather conditions, which make it a great destination for those seeking a warm getaway. The temperatures begin to rise, and the days become longer, signaling the arrival of spring. However, it is important to note that March is still part of the winter season in Las Caletillas, so occasional rainfall and cooler evenings can be expected. Overall, the weather in Las Caletillas in March is comfortable and enjoyable for outdoor activities.

Average daily temperatures

The average daily temperature in Las Caletillas in March ranges from 16°C (61°F) to 21°C (70°F). During the daytime, temperatures tend to stay around the higher end of this range, offering pleasant warmth. However, nights and early mornings can be slightly cooler, with temperatures dropping to the lower end of the range. It is advisable to pack a light jacket or sweater for the cooler evenings, especially if you plan to spend time outdoors during these hours.

Sunshine and rainfall

Las Caletillas experiences an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day in March, providing ample opportunity to soak up the sun and enjoy outdoor activities. The chance of rainfall is higher compared to the summer months but remains relatively low. On average, Las Caletillas receives around 23mm of rainfall throughout the month, usually distributed over a few days. It is advisable to carry a light rain jacket or umbrella, just in case of occasional showers.

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