Weather in Puerto de la Cruz in April

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What’s the weather like in Puerto de la Cruz in April?

In April, Puerto de la Cruz experiences mild and pleasant weather, making it a popular destination for tourists looking for a spring getaway. The temperatures are comfortable, and the days are generally warm with plenty of sunshine. There may be occasional showers, but they are usually brief and do not disrupt outdoor activities.

Average daily temperatures

The average daily temperature in Puerto de la Cruz in April ranges between 17°C (63°F) and 21°C (70°F). During the day, temperatures can reach highs of around 24°C (75°F), while nights tend to be cooler with lows of approximately 15°C (59°F). It is advisable to dress in layers to adapt to the changing temperatures throughout the day.

Sunshine and rainfall

April is a relatively dry month in Puerto de la Cruz, with an average of 6 days of rainfall. Although showers are not uncommon, they are usually brief and occur mostly during the night. The rainfall amounts to around 23mm throughout the month, which is relatively low compared to other months. Despite the occasional showers, the town enjoys an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day, providing plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities and exploration.

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