Weather in Phuket in May

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29° C



129 mm

per month


19 %



78 %


What’s the weather like in Phuket in May?

May is one of the hottest months in Phuket, Thailand. The weather is characteristically hot and humid, with the possibility of occasional rain showers. It is considered to be the pre-monsoon season, which means that the weather is gradually transitioning from the dry season to the rainy season.

Average daily temperatures

In May, temperatures in Phuket can range from a pleasant 28°C (82°F) to a scorching 33°C (91°F). The average temperature during this time is around 30°C (86°F). It is important to note that the humidity levels are significantly high, making the temperature feel even hotter. Visitors to the island should be prepared for the heat and dress accordingly.

Sunshine and rainfall

May in Phuket sees an average of 190mm (7.5 inches) of rainfall spread over around 18 days. While rain showers are not uncommon, they typically don’t last very long, making way for sunny and clear skies for the rest of the day. Despite the chance of rain, Phuket still enjoys an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day during May. The rain showers during this month are a precursor to the heavier rains that follow in the upcoming wet season.

Overall, May in Phuket offers hot and humid weather, with occasional rain showers that are typically short-lived. Despite the chance of rain, visitors can still expect plenty of sunshine and the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches and outdoor activities that Phuket has to offer.

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