Weather in France in January

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6° C



56 mm

per month


54 %



84 %


What’s the weather like in France in January?

January is the midst of winter in France, and the weather can be quite cold and unpredictable. The country experiences varying weather conditions depending on its geographical location. The northern part of France tends to be colder, while the southern regions are milder. However, it is important to note that temperatures can still drop significantly across the country during this time. Snowfall is common in the mountainous regions, especially in the Alps and the Pyrenees.

Average daily temperatures

The average daily temperatures in France during January range between 2°C (36°F) and 7°C (45°F). The northern regions, such as Paris, can experience temperatures as low as 0°C (32°F). In contrast, the southern areas, such as Marseille and Nice, tend to have slightly milder temperatures, ranging from 5°C (41°F) to 12°C (54°F). However, these temperatures can vary, and it is advisable to check the local forecasts before planning any outdoor activities.

Sunshine and rainfall

January is characterized by shorter daylight hours and less sunshine in France. The average sunshine duration in January is around 2 to 3 hours per day. However, the southern coastal areas still receive a slightly higher amount of sunshine compared to the northern regions. Rainfall is also common during this month, with an average of 8 to 15 rainy days in January. The southern coastal areas tend to have less rainfall, while the northern and western regions receive more precipitation. It is essential to carry suitable rain gear and plan indoor activities accordingly.