Weather in France in April

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15° C



55 mm

per month


81 %



68 %


What’s the weather like in France in April?

April marks the arrival of spring in France, and the weather begins to warm up across the country. However, it is important to note that the weather can vary significantly depending on the region. In general, April in France is characterized by mild temperatures, occasional rain showers, and increasing amounts of sunshine.

Average daily temperatures

In April, the average daily temperatures in France range between 10°C (50°F) and 16°C (61°F). However, there can be notable variations between northern and southern regions. In the northern parts, such as Paris, temperatures tend to be around 12-14°C (54-57°F), while in the southern areas like Nice, temperatures can reach up to 16-18°C (61-64°F). It is advisable to pack layers and a light jacket to adjust to the changing temperatures throughout the day and evening.

Sunshine and rainfall

April sees a significant increase in sunshine hours compared to the winter months. On average, France experiences about 7 hours of sunshine per day in April. However, there can still be some cloudy days and occasional rainfall. It is advised to bring an umbrella or raincoat to be prepared for showers. Rainfall varies across the country, with western regions and coastal areas receiving higher amounts of rainfall compared to the drier eastern regions.

Overall, April in France offers mild temperatures, increasing amounts of sunshine, and occasional rainfall. It is a great time to explore the country, enjoy outdoor activities, and witness the beautiful blooming flowers and landscapes of spring.