Insider Guide to Cadiz Spain

“Situated in the beautiful Andalucía region of Spain, Cadiz is a popular choice for tourists, and it isn’t hard to see why”

Considered one of the oldest settlements which has been continuously inhabited in the whole of Europe…

  • Insider Guide to Cadiz Spain

    Situated in the beautiful Andalucía region of Spain, Cadiz is a popular choice for tourists, and it isn’t hard to see why. Considered one of the oldest settlements which has been continuously inhabited in the whole of Europe. This romantic and cultured region has plenty to offer including stunning beaches, cheerful taverns, and beautiful tree-lined plazas.

    Whether you choose to soak up the sun’s rays on one of the breathtaking beaches, or whether you’re looking to explore its rich history. You are sure to enjoy your stay in this romantic and charming area.

    If you really want to get the most out of your Cadiz Spain holiday, below you’ll discover a brief insider’s guide to the area.

    Where is Cadiz and when is the best time to visit?

    Cadiz geographical location is near to Gibraltar in the south of Spain. Cadiz is easily accessible either via a flight to Jerez or Seville. If you fly to Jerez, you’ll find Cadiz is just over 30 minutes away by car. If you fly to Seville, it’s just over an hour’s train journey.

    One of the great things about the south of Spain, is that it benefits from a great climate all year round. However, temperatures do tend to be hotter in the summer months, reaching up to 40 degrees. So, if you prefer milder temperatures, you’ll want to head to Cadiz in mid-winter, where temperatures typically reach 16-17 degrees.

    Top things to do

    If you choose to head to Cadiz for a day trip, you’ll find plenty of attractions and landmarks to explore. Some of the top things to do recommended by locals and more experienced tourists, include:

    Roman Amphitheatre – Situated right on the main street of Cadiz, lies the remains of a large Roman amphitheatre. With an on-site museum, this incredible structure is free to visit. It provides a fascinating insight into the history of the area for all ages.

    Beaches – There are a few notable beaches in the Cadiz region. Many of which have won awards for their breathtaking beauty. One of the most popular beaches in the area is La Caleta, although it can become quite crowded during peak times. If you’re looking for a more relaxed and quieter beach experience, head to Santa Maria Del Mar in the new city.

    Food tour – One of the best parts of exploring a new area is trying out its different cuisine. There are a lot of delicious local cuisines to choose from. So a great idea is to take advantage of the food tours available in the area. These enable you to explore the city like a local, discovering hidden gems you might otherwise have not come across on your trip.

    Mercado Central – Another way to experience Cadiz like a local is to head to the bustling market of Mercado Central. Here you’ll find plenty of fresh produce and fish. You’ll get a real insight into how the locals here really live.

    Shopping – If you love to shop, you’ll find a great selection of stores in Cadiz. As well as a few well-known stores such as Mango and Zara, the area also benefits from a vast range of boutiques, food stores and gift shops to explore.

    Underground caves and catacombs – Finally, the underground caves and catacombs are definitely worth a visit. It is thought that there are actually over 50km of underground ancient passages, burial sites and caves. Some of these are thought to date back by as much as 3000 years. You’ll find numerous tours available and you’re sure to find the remains from the Roman times fascinating to see.

    These are just a small selection of the activities on offer. With so much to see and do, it is worth putting together a little itinerary before you go. This will ensure you don’t miss out on the things you really want to see.

    Be aware of local meal times

    In Cadiz, breakfast tends to start from 8am until 9am, followed by lunch at 3pm and dinner at 9pm through until 10pm.

    Many tourists are unaware of how late dinner is typically served, so they are initially confused when many restaurants shut from 4pm until 8.30pm. It’s definitely worth being aware of the opening times before you go so you can plan your meals accordingly.

    Overall, if you’re looking into Spain holidays, you’ll definitely want to consider adding a day-trip to Cadiz to your itinerary. This beautiful Spanish region has so much so offer and with so much history, you won’t want to forget your camera!


Author: Charlotte Brenner