What Make-Up Can I Take In Hand Luggage?

“Packing for a holiday can end up being a lot more confusing than you might think”

This is especially true when it comes to packing toiletries and make up…

  • What Make-Up Can I Take In Hand Luggage?

    Packing for a holiday can end up being a lot more confusing than you might think. This is especially true when it comes to packing toiletries and make up. Since 2006, the restrictions on taking liquids with you on-board have become a lot tighter. What many passengers find surprising, is that some items of make-up are often classified as liquid.

    So, what make-up can you take on-board the plane without causing a security meltdown? Find out below…

    Can you take liquids and gels?

    You are allowed to take liquids and gels onto the plane, but they do need to be in clear plastic bottles. You also aren’t allowed to carry more than 100 millilitres of each liquid or gel. In total, the liquids and gels you are carrying on-board the plane, can’t total more than 1 litre.

    It’s also worth noting that they need to be kept together in a clear, small, plastic zip-top bag. You can only carry one of these bags onto the plane with you and it must comfortably fit into your carry-on luggage.

    Understanding powder rules

    If you’re looking to take powdered make-up on board, new restrictions introduced in June 2018, state that you can only take 12 ounces of powdered items such as blush and baby powder. Any more than this could result in additional screening being required, which would potentially cause significant delays.

    If the powder is hard to identify or classified as dangerous, you could end up having it confiscated. So, it’s best to make it clear that the powder is make-up when you’re checking it in!

    Which types of make-up are restricted?

    The main issue many people have is knowing which make-up items are considered a liquid. It doesn’t help that different airports have differing rules either. Some class lipstick as a liquid, while others don’t. So this is something you will need to check before packing. You will also need to restrict your liquid foundation.

    Mascara, lip gels and liquid eyeliner are the three most commonly restricted make-up items. Chapstick’s, powders and solid make up items such as solid lipstick and foundation sticks, don’t have any restrictions on them.

    What about liquids you buy at the airport?

    If you’re planning on buying liquids at the airport to take on holiday, or to take home with you, they don’t typically have the same restrictions. As long as they are sealed, you have the receipt and it’s clear you bought them from the airport, you should be able to carry them with you in your hand luggage without restrictions.

    The rules surrounding make-up and beauty accessories

    It’s not just the actual make-up itself which you need to be wary of taking on-board the plane. Any accessories you plan to take with you might also be restricted. Generally speaking, tweezers are considered fine to take on-board, and you won’t have any trouble with an electric or disposable razor too. Small scissors with a blade no longer than 4 inches can also be carried in your hand luggage.

    So, the rules regarding taking make-up on-board the plane aren’t overly complex. The only difficulty you might have is determining whether or not your lipstick is considered a liquid item. You can find out by contacting the airport prior to the flight.

Author: Carol Oconnor