5 Holiday Beauty Essentials

“When you’re jetting off on holiday, you obviously want to ensure you’re looking your best”

However, if you’re heading somewhere hot, it can cause all kinds of challenges for the skin…

  • 5 Holiday Beauty Essentials

    When you’re jetting off on holiday, you obviously want to ensure you’re looking your best. However, if you’re heading somewhere hot, it can cause all kinds of challenges for the skin. The beauty essentials you use at home may not be suitable to take with you. So, which holiday beauty essentials should you pack in your suitcase?

    Below, we’ll reveal our top 5 holiday beauty essentials you won’t want to forget.

    1. Serum

    Instead of taking thick moisturisers and lotions, which will only clog up those pores in the hot sticky heat, it’s worth switching to a serum. Considered more a lightweight moisturiser, this great skin-care essential contains a high concentration of skin-care goodies such as Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid.

    Using a serum once in the morning after cleansing, will leave the skin looking brighter, help eliminate any dark spots, boost the volume in the skin and leave the skin looking younger and fresher.

    1. Bright nail polish

    If you prefer to do your own nails rather than heading to the salon, you’ll want to take brightly coloured nail polish with you. The reason? Because nothing compliments a tan quite like brightly painted nails. You can opt for a nail polish that features a subtle glitter effect to really add to that holiday feel.

    Even if you’re planning on getting your nails done professionally before you jet off, it’s worth having some nail polish on hand in case it chips or needs a top up.

    1. Tri Balm

    You may not have even heard of Tri Balm, but once you’ve used it on holiday you’ll never look back. This handy little balm is a 4-in-1 product, taking care of your cleansing, moisturising, make-up remover and exfoliating needs.

    Not only will this product free up crucial space in your luggage, but it also smells incredible. Featuring a mandarin and grapefruit fragrance, it will leave the skin looking and smelling fantastic. As it’s a solid-based balm, you’ll also find it won’t spill either. If there’s just one product you take with you off this list, it should definitely be this soothing, effective Tri Balm.

    1. Face mist

    It’s easy for the face to dry out on holiday, but a face mist can help to keep it moisturised and replenished. This doesn’t just come in useful for days by the pool, it’s also great to use on the plane too. You’ll find a lot of different brands available, but one that former model Lisa Snowden recommends is the Evian Water Spray.

    1. After sun

    Sunscreen is an obvious holiday beauty essential, but what about after sun? Most commonly used to relieve sunburnt skin, did you know the product can also help to replenish lost moisture after sunbathing?

    Many after sun products also contain useful antioxidants to give the skin a boost. These antioxidants also help to combat free radical damage from the suns UV rays. You’d be surprised how long these free radicals can stay on the skin after you’ve been in the sun. The antioxidants get to work neutralising the free radicals, preventing sun damage which could lead to premature aging.

    These are just 5 holiday beauty essentials you won’t want to be without. The key to holiday beauty is to invest in products which perform more than one function, such as the Tri Balm. This minimises your luggage and also speeds up your holiday beauty routine, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your much-needed getaway.

    Now you know the best beauty secrets, all you need now is a holiday. Discover our full range of holidays to suit everyone at TUI.

Author: Carol Oconnor