15 Best Things to Do in the Bourgas Region of Bulgaria

“With its stunning, contrasting landscapes, Bulgaria is largely known for its wonderful Black Sea coastline”

The Sunny Beach resort has become so popular that it rivals Spain’s major resort scene…

  • 15 Best Things to Do in the Bourgas Region of Bulgaria

    With its stunning, contrasting landscapes, Bulgaria is largely known for its wonderful Black Sea coastline. The Sunny Beach resort has become so popular that it rivals Spain’s major resort scene. It’s perfect for families – one of the best things about travelling to Bulgaria is its affordability.

    If you’re planning on taking the family to Bulgaria this year, below you’ll discover the 15 best things to do to get the most out of your bargain getaway.

    1. Visit the Poda Protected Area

    Situated in the south of Bourgas, the protected area of Poda is well worth a visit. The wetland reserve is a fairly small area, but it is home to an impressive 265 species of birds. This makes it a particularly popular tourist attraction for avid bird watchers. There’s even specialist optical equipment on site to help you get a better look at the birdlife.

    1. Atanasovsko Lake

    Another popular birdwatching spot, Atanasovsko Lake is a firm favourite with locals. Being 100m away from the beach, and featuring the stunning pools of Lye, there is so much more to do in the area than birdwatch. In fact, it’s largely known for its curative mud, which you can apply onto the skin for a natural spa treatment.

    1. Sea Garden

    The Sea Garden is undoubtedly one of Bulgaria’s most popular tourist attractions. Spanning over 72,000 square metres, it includes wood parkland, playgrounds, cafes, elegant promenades, and an open air theatre, to name just some of its amenities. In the summer, it regularly hosts classical concerts in the evenings which you won’t want to miss! A lot of the attractions within the city are located in the Sea Garden.

    1. The Pier

    Stretching to nearly 300m, the pier is one of the main symbols of Bourgas. If you’re travelling with your partner, walking along the pier, particularly early in the morning or early evening, is one of the most romantic things you can do throughout your stay.

    1. Ethnographic Museum

    The excellent Ethnographic Museum is located within a stunning 19th century house. It takes you back in time so you can see how Bulgarians lived and worked a couple of centuries ago. You’ll discover more about popular Bulgarian traditions, such as spring love rituals!

    1. The Sand Festival

    Every summer, near the edge of the Sea Garden, The Sand Festival comes to Bourgas. Running from June right through until the end of September, breathtaking sand statues are created to match a specific theme. You’ll definitely want to take your camera if you do attend the festival.

    1. Archaeology Museum

    Culture lovers will definitely want to head to the Archaeology Museum. Displaying extraordinary finds from ancient Thracian times, the Roman era, and the Greek colonial period, a trip to the museum is guaranteed to be truly fascinating.

    1. Soak up the sun on the beach

    Of course, what better way to enjoy your Bulgaria adventure than by soaking up the sun on its spectacular beaches. The Bourgas beach is a long, sandy one, stretching across the Sea Garden. There are restaurants and bars surrounding the beach, and it’s ideal for those looking to relax and really unwind.

    1. Visit St Anastacia Island

    To the southeast of the city lies the small St Anastacia Island. You can catch a boat from Mosta over to the island, where you’ll find a museum, lighthouse and restaurant. It was once an offshore prison, though since medieval times it has been home to a convent. If you’re seeking a little seclusion and a change of pace, a trip to this island is highly recommended.

    1. Sea Casino Cultural Centre

    Constructed in the 1930’s, the Sea Casino Cultural Centre was renovated in 2011. The contemporary centre regularly hosts shows, movie screenings and concerts. Located within the Sea Garden, it boasts spectacular views over the water.

    1. Saint Cyril and Methodius Cathedral

    Dedicated to the brothers, Methodius and Cyril, this is the city’s main cathedral, expertly designed by Ricardo Toscani, an Italian architect. Featuring amazing stained glasswork, this cathedral is truly stunning, and boasts a tranquil, calm atmosphere.

    1. Sozopol

    Venture around 35km from Bourgas and you’ll stumble across the picturesque town of Sozopol. Dating back to the 7th century BC, many of its buildings feature a traditional wooden carved design. You can partake in mini tours around the town to take in its medieval fortifications.

    1. Traditional Mehana

    One of the great things about travelling to a new country is trying out its local cuisine, so be sure to try traditional Mehana at one of the local restaurants. You’ll certainly want to try out the delicious range of kebabs on offer!

    1. Dives Estate Winery

    Head a little further out of the city to the Dives Estate Winery. Situated on a hilltop location, it provides jaw-dropping panoramic views over the sea. The winery has won many international prizes, so it’s definitely worth taking a tour.

    1. Bourgas Galleria

    Finally, if you’re craving a little retail therapy, head to the Bourgas Galleria. This three-storey mall features international brand names such as H&M and Zara. There’s a bus transfer link from Bourgas to the mall, which features a great food court on its second floor.

    There really is so much to see and do in the Bourgas region of Bulgaria. Why not check out our latest collection of Bourgas holidays today?

Author: Kate.OMahony