Best Free Travel Apps to Complement Your Holiday

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  • Best Free Travel Apps to Complement Your Holiday

    Ask any seasoned traveller what their best travel tips are, and they’ll tell you about at least one app. Travel apps can be an extremely useful tool, both before and during your holiday. They can be used for flight check-ins, to find your way around your destination, and even to find great offers on local attractions.

    With so many travel apps on the market, it can be difficult knowing which ones are worth downloading. To make it a little easier for you, below we’ll highlight some of the best free travel apps to complement your holiday. 

    TUI App

    Did you know we have our own great travel app here at TUI? The TUI app provides you with a mobile boarding pass and gives you a holiday countdown. It also lets you know what the weather is going to be like when you touch down at your destination. It’ll keep you up to date with our latest holiday deals, and when you’re ready for your next getaway, you can book it through the app.

    XE Currency

    When you’re travelling to a foreign country, you’re going to need to ensure you have the right currency. The XE Currency app is one of the best free currency exchange tools on the market. It enables you to see in real time how much you’re spending. If you’ll be taking a credit card with you, this can help ensure you don’t overspend.  


    While Google Maps may be the most popular for directions, there are other alternatives. The Citymapper app is definitely one to consider, available for use in 30 different cities across the globe. It can provide cycle route information, real-time departures, and journey times for local transport to help you navigate around your destination. 

    Cool Cousin

    What better way to discover the best places to visit on your holiday than by asking the locals? The Cool Cousin app allows you to communicate with local people in the destination you’re planning on travelling to. You can select who you want to connect with using specific filters, such as age and interests. It includes locals from all across the world, so you’re sure to find a match from the destination you’re heading to.

    App in the Air

    If you like to break down your flight, App in the Air is a fantastic app to download. You input your flight number, then the app will break your journey down into stages. You’ll get to see times for check-in and take-off, as well as the time you’re due to land. You can also use it even if you don’t have internet access, making it one of the best flight-tracking apps available. 


    One of the biggest headaches of travelling is packing. It’s easy to forget the basics when you’re excited and in a rush to get going. However, with PackPoint you’ll never forget what you need again. Simply input where you’ll be going, and what you plan to do throughout your stay. The app will then create a packing list of the items you should ideally take with you. The app looks at local weather forecasts, and includes suggestions for all kinds of activities.

    These are some of the best free travel apps you can download for your next holiday. Why go it alone when there are lots of apps available to help make your holiday so much more fun?

Author: Angela