Your Essential Holiday Checklist

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With our essential holiday checklist…

  • Your Essential Holiday Checklist

    Wondering what to pack for your much-needed getaway? As your holiday approaches and you get more and more excited, it’s easy to forget the essentials. You also need to decide which items of clothing you should take with you, and how many of them you’ll really need.

    If you need help figuring out what to pack, below we’ll reveal some of the key essentials you’ll want to focus on. We’ve broken them down to match the type of holiday you’re planning for, to make it even easier.

    Packing for a beach holiday

    Beach holidays are a popular option for all types of holidaymakers. They’re also fairly easy to pack for. As it’s going to be hot, you’re not going to need too much in the way of clothing at the beach. Some flip flops, a swimming costume or two and a towel are the main things you’ll need to pack. However, you’ll also need some light clothing for when you’re not at the beach, such as dresses, t-shirts and shorts. 

    Besides clothing, you’ll also want to ensure you take sun protection lotion with you. Don’t forget entertainment too. You’ll want something to read or listen to while you’re soaking up the sun. Finally, a great tip for packing for a beach holiday is to take a waterproof bag with you. That way, you can safely carry your wet towel and clothing back to the hotel. 

    Packing for a city adventure

    If you’ve chosen to move away from the traditional beach holiday and opted for a city break instead, you can still get away with packing light. This is especially true if you’re only jetting off for the weekend.

    Clothing-wise, you’ll want to make sure you research the weather in your chosen city. As you’ll probably be spending lots of time exploring, you’ll want to make sure you pack some comfortable footwear. Of course, you can also take advantage of public transport in many cities, but comfortable shoes will still prove invaluable. 

    Some of the key essentials for a city break include a backpack or large bag to carry everything you’ll need when out and about, and a waterproof jacket. We also recommend packing sun lotion, as it’s easy to forget about sunburn when you’re exploring a city.   

    Packing for a family holiday

    Packing for family holidays can be tricky, as you have a lot more to take with you. The good news with a package holiday from TUI is that you’ll receive a luggage allowance of 15kg to 20kg. If you’re travelling with kids under the age of two, they’ll receive a 10kg luggage allowance. You can also take a car seat or pushchair on the flight with you. Learn more about travelling with the family here.

    If you’ll be staying at one of our great TUI Blue for families resorts, you’ll find facilities available to heat up baby milk. You’ll also be able to take your own baby food if you prefer. Don’t forget to pack a high SPF sun lotion for the kids too, alongside an insect bite cream just in case. Entertainment-wise, if you’re staying at one of our family resorts, you won’t need to pack too much as kids’ entertainment will be provided. 

    Packing for an adventure break

    If you’re planning on taking an ultimate adventure holiday, there are a few things you won’t want to forget to pack. After ensuring you have adequate travel insurance, you’ll want to focus on filling your suitcase with activity-friendly clothing. 

    With activity breaks, you’ll typically find all of the equipment you’ll need is available to rent at your chosen destination. Don’t forget to pack a water bottle to stay hydrated, alongside a towel and a waterproof camera, so you can capture those magical memories. 

    Packing for a winter holiday

    If you’re jetting off on a winter holiday, it can be challenging to pack everything you need without going over the luggage allowance. Cold weather destinations call for thicker, warmer clothing, so it’s going to weigh more than your summer wardrobe. One great tip is to wear your ski or thick winter jacket on the plane, so it won’t take up space or weight in your luggage. 

    To save space in your suitcase, consider hiring the equipment you’ll need from the resort for any activities you’ll be participating in. Another useful tip is to pack sun lotion. It may be cold, but if the destination you’re heading to is sunny in winter you’re going to need protection. Don’t forget your travel insurance if you’ll be enjoying time on the slopes. 

    Travelling During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

    To keep up to date with all the latest information and guidance for travelling during the coronavirus pandemic please see here.

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