Weather in Malta in August

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28° C



6 mm

per month


87 %



67 %


What’s the weather like in Malta in August?

In August, Malta experiences hot and dry weather conditions, making it the hottest month of the year. The average temperature ranges from 24°C to 31°C (75°F to 88°F), providing ideal conditions for those who enjoy the summer heat.

Average daily temperatures

The average daily temperatures in Malta during August are relatively high, with daytime temperatures averaging around 28°C (82°F). However, it is important to note that temperatures can often reach as high as 31°C (88°F) during the peak hours of the day. At night, temperatures drop slightly to an average low of 24°C (75°F). It is advisable to stay hydrated and use sunscreen when spending time outdoors during this time of year.

Sunshine and rainfall

August is characterized by clear and sunny skies in Malta, with an average of 12 hours of sunshine per day. This provides ample opportunities for sunbathing and outdoor activities. However, it is worth noting that the intense heat and lack of rainfall during this month can result in dry and arid landscapes.

Despite the dry conditions, Malta does experience some rainfall in August. On average, there are around only 2 days of rainfall during the month, with a total average precipitation of 6mm. These brief showers are usually short-lived and do not significantly impact the overall weather conditions.

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