Best Whale Watching Destinations

“You'll have a whale of a time”

At these whale watching hotspots…

  • Best Whale Watching Destinations

    Whale watching is something many travellers dream of doing one day. Offering the opportunity to see these majestic animals in the wild, whale and dolphin watching trips can really enhance your holiday experience.

    At TUI we fly to many whale watching hotspots. Whether you’re looking to stay closer to home or jet off a little further afield, below you’ll discover some of the best destinations for whale watching. Don’t forget to check out our holiday deals to see if you could save on any of the destinations below.


    Tenerife is often associated with All-Inclusive beach breaks. But did you know it’s also a great place to watch whales in their natural habitat? 

    The waters around the island are home to a staggering 28 different whale species. The sea remains warm all year round, which attracts both local and migrating whales to the area. You’ll find lots of different whale watching tours available here, and many boast an 80 to 90% chance of seeing one. If you’re looking for a destination that’s fairly close to home, this Canary Island is definitely worth considering. 

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    Algarve, Portugal

    The Algarve region of Portugal is another great place to spot these majestic creatures. Here, there are 26 different species of whales swimming in the surrounding waters. It’s estimated that you’ll see approximately five different species on most whale watching tours. These include common and bottlenose dolphins, the harbour porpoise and the minke whale. You may even have the opportunity to spot killer whales if you’re lucky. 

    The dolphins in the Algarve can be very inquisitive, frequently approaching boats. You’ll find many companies offer dolphin and whale watching tours here, with some even offering a chance to swim with the dolphins. 

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    Dominican Republic

    Holidays to the Dominican Republic offer far more than just pristine white sandy beaches. Did you know that each January, approximately 10,000 humpback whales migrate to the waters around the island? They remain here until around late March, and the best place to see them is the Samana Peninsula. You’ll find plenty of tour operators in the Punta Cana region offer whale watching tours to the Samana Peninsula. You might even get the opportunity to spot a calf, or touch one of the whales if they swim up close to the boat.

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    Another long-haul destination popular with whale watchers is the Maldives. Given its warm, tropical waters it isn’t hard to see why the island attracts a large number of dolphins and whales. There are around 23 different species here, including orcas, sperm whales and beaked whales. 

    The best time of year to spot them is between February and April, and then in October and November. Not only will whale watching tours here give you the chance to witness these huge creatures, but you’ll also spot other marine life along the way. Expect to see the likes of turtles, manta rays and whale sharks on your tour.

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Author: Angela